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Jayne Phillips-Choak
Founder and Owner

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Jayne spent her childhood holidays in Cornwall in the days when it took over 10 hours to drive down to the county. She just loved it and spent her time swimming in natural rock pools, eating fish and chips on the pier in Looe whilst catching crabs with her net. She couldn’t wait to move down as soon as she was able and her wonderful childhood memories inspired her to relocate from Solihull to Hayle several years ago. Jayne has made Cornwall her home and now lives in Falmouth.

She has a wealth of property experience in the county gained over 30 years and extensive market knowledge, so she can advise on the finest locations to meet her clients’ brief and negotiates hard to achieve the best price for their dream home. She will ensure that you only view the very best properties on your viewing visits, usually having seen 10 or more on your behalf before you jump in your car to come down and look for yourselves.

Jayne also has life coaching skills which she has found invaluable when nurturing clients through the emotional turmoil of moving house, guiding them right through to completion and beyond.

When she isn’t property-hunting, she enjoys meeting with the ‘Ladies who Launch’ from Mylor Yacht Club once a month to partake in outdoor activities. This so far has included coasteering, horse riding, gig rowing and body boarding down at Godrevey. She confesses to being terrified each time she tries a new adventure, but has a go all the same! Being a member of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club also enables her to go sailing, but her favourite hobby is going for long walks along the coastal paths of Cornwall and stopping off for a leisurely lunch on the way.

When Jayne is at home in Cornwall, she just loves looking out to sea and pottering in the garden – but she’s no expert. She’s  hopes to be able to tell the difference between flowers and weeds one day!

Causes I believe in and support

We are all just a pay cheque away from being homeless, whether through ill health, a relationship breaking down or redundancy. Many homeless people have suffered neglect or abuse as children and have never been nurtured enough to be able to grow into adults who can look after themselves. Some people have mental health issues, which they could have been born with or could be the result of drug abuse or other causes.

No one would choose to be homeless and when you see a sad human being slumped on the pavement, possibly on drugs or drunk on Special Brew – just remember that there will be a story behind how that person ended up in that state.

I was homeless myself after a relationship breakdown and arrived back to UK from America with a 2 year old and £200 in my purse. I was lucky as a friend let me and my child sleep on her floor for 6 months until I got on my feet – but not everyone is fortunate. I also had a family member who has been homeless through no fault of their own, so this charity is very close to my heart.

I am very blessed that I live in a warm house and can afford to pay my bills and eat healthy food, but the wages in Cornwall do not reflect the housing costs in this county, so many people end up in debt which results in not being able to pay their rent, which results in ending up on the streets.

Remember – that person selling Big Issue is actually working – that is a job and they are on the road to recovery. Show some kindness by acknowledging a homeless person, maybe even buying them a pasty and a sausage roll for their dog!

From every registration fee I donate £35.00 and at every completion I will donate at least double that amount.

Cornwall has the third highest number of rough sleepers in England.



Address: St Petroc’s Society, 5 Upper Lemon Villas, Truro, Cornwall TR1 2PD.

Tel: 01872 260948
Email: home@stpetrocs.org.uk
Website: http://www.stpetrocs.org.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StPetrocsSociety/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stpetrocs

Registered Office: Lander House, 5 Upper Lemon Villas, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2PD.
St Petroc’s Society is a Registered Society with Charitable Status number 25231R

Jayne is a member of the Cornwall 100 Club – a group of like-minded businesses believing in social responsibility at a grass roots level. We have come together to offer financial support to Cornish communities, making a real, positive and measurable difference to life in Cornwall. Membership also helps to enhance and promote our business reputation.

CCF launched the Cornwall 100 BusinessClub in early 2008. Since then the C100 Business Fund has grown from strength to strength. Jayne feels that people either relocating or buying a second home in the county are emotionally domicile to Cornwall so hopes to encourage them to invest in the county by donating their time or money.

Cornwall Community Foundation – Second Home Owners Scheme

The scheme offers a simple way for second home owners to help Cornish communities in a regular, easy way; one week’s rent per annum, or the equivalent if your property is not rented.

One of our supporters, Ann Higham, who has a second home in Fowey and very generously agreed to support the scheme with a £5,000 annual payment, commented “It gives me pleasure to support this scheme. So many second home owners see the beauty of Cornwall without realising that by some criteria it is the poorest county in the UK. Giving this way recognises a clear connection between those who are lucky enough to own a second home in Cornwall and those for whom day to day life is a challenge.”

There are 14,600 second homes in Cornwall. If just one percent of those second home owners, a mere 146 properties, agreed to support us with generosity such as Ann’s, those who most need help in Cornwall would benefit to the tune of nearly three quarters of a million pounds per annum.

Just think what a difference that would make.

All the money that we raise stays in Cornwall; funds from the scheme will be distributed as:
30% to CCF’s Housing Catalyst Fund with the Cornwall Community Land Trust*
30% to address hardship, crisis and homelessness
20% to CCF’s Discretionary Fund
20% to support the work of the CCF

*Cornwall Community Land Trust Limited is a not for profit company which to date has delivered 150 genuinely affordable homes, mainly for sale and some for rent, tailored to the needs of local communities and covenanted for sale or resale to local people.