I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas and wish everyone a healthy and hopeful new year.  I struggle with this Betwixt time as I am still working, but most of other property professionals are closed until the 4th of January.  However, this has given me time to catch up on long overdue admin, clear up my computer desk top and have a jolly good throw out in my business and personal filing cabinet.

And of course, it is a time for quiet reflection and deciding on new year resolutions that we know we all break by mid January.  I thought I would use this quiet time to start coastal walking again as usually to busy finding special homes for especially busy people.  Boxing Day saw hundreds of swimmers bravely plunging into the icy Atlantic and I intended to be one of them.  Nothing better than plunging into the cold sea to shake off the post Christmas blues.

However, Boxing Day found me sprawled in the mud near Gylly beach with a sprained ankle, so the last few days I have been laid up on the sofa with a bag of mixed veg wrapped around my massively swollen ankle!  Thank God for Netflix, a good book and Christmas left over food.  The photo is of me and my son Josh Christmas Day 2020 – my God it was cold even with a wet suit!

The property market will fully launch again on the 4th of January and the Cornish property market shows no signs of letting up.  This is good news for my existing clients, as January will see a flood of good property stock, with sellers wanting to secure a sale before the springtime competition.  Many sellers wait until spring when the gardens are looking much nicer and the weather offers a little warmth.  Rightmove report that their viewing figures shot through the roof on Boxing Day, with people thinking about a complete lifestyle change.

As Kirsty Allsopp from ‘Location Location Location’ always says, buyers must be prepared to compromise as no house is perfect, and they now have to be prepared to make quick decisions.  If you snooze you loose in Cornwall.

As I type, I am sitting in my garden office looking out to a very grey and drizzly vista where the grey murky sea blends with the dull grey sky.  BUT – we have had the shortest day and spring will soon be here!  Hello flip-flops!

HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR and don’t forget to sign up to my “Postcards from Cornwall’ newsletter for all the property and lifestyle gossip!