I am a Bloggette at last!  Bravely I went forth to Tracey Rickard’s blogging workshop for Leading Women – and for once I didn’t stick my fingers in my ears and go “la lala lala la” Having only just learnt how to ‘copy and paste’ (what a joy that is!) Tracey had a challenge on her hands! I learnt much – there is blogging etiquette (no swearing or nicking other peoples stuff) and that bods who blog get 55% more visits to their websites! Put a video on your blog and you’ve cracked it! Something about a chimp in the mail (am waiting for the postman to arrive) and I need to be engaging (am smiling and batting eyelashes as I type! ) I scribbled reams of notes and on www.traceyrickard.co.uk there are step by step guidelines – so ….how hard could it be?

Here I am a week later – blogging – I hope!  Can’t find a suitable or apt video to add, but will rummage through my thousands of photo’s (need a de-clutter of lap top). “Bare with, bare with dear friends” , as although I am a fabulous and talented property search agent, a social media guru I am not!  Right …….. how do I get to my photo’s? …….. This will do …. I’m clearly not blogging but swigging a can of  ice cold lager (which I would much rather be doing than blogging!)