We are all recovering from ‘Storm Eunice’ in Cornwall, and signs of spring are in the air.  The daffodils are coming out, and the sun is shining albeit with blustery cold winds.  The perfect weather for a costal walk.

I am lucky to live near Swanpool Beach near Falmouth so today saw me getting up early, clad in lots of layers and my sturdy walking boots, to walk to Maenporth Beach.  It takes around an hour and is still very muddy to make sure you have the appropriate footwear.


What a glorious walk it was!  Bright sunshine, blustery wind and lots of people to chat to on the way.  It really lifts my soul and makes me very grateful to live by the sea in Cornwall; blows away the cobwebs and sets me up for a days work property hunting.

If you fancy breakfast, brunch or lunch then the Swanpool Beach or Maenporth beach cafes the perfect spots to stop for some scrumptious food.  I treated myself to a bacon and egg bap – St. Ewe Cornish eggs of course with a deep yellow yolk.  I managed to find a sheltered tucked away spot to enjoy my breakfast, and sat reflecting life with the help of crashing waves.

I thought of the poor people in Ukraine who are fleeing for their lives and loosing their homes, their whole city being destroyed by Putin.  What we think are our major worries pale into insignificance in comparison.  Can you imagine just grabbing a bag of essentials and becoming a refugee?  I am lucky to have lived in peacetime so far, but I am worried that could soon escalate into world war 3.  When we were all frightened in the first Covid lockdown, I remember walking on the beaches thinking at least we are not at war with barbed wire all across the coast.  Today I reflected that it could become a reality.