I’m usually too busy viewing and filming potential properties for my clients to do blogs, but now I like the rest of the country find myself confined to home.  I did feel pretty sorry for myself to start with, as all my wonderful plans for my business in 2020 came to an abrupt halt on January 4th, way before the Coronavirus hit.  My eldest son was admitted to Cardiff University Hospital with critical head injuries and it was looking like I would be his carer for the rest of his life.  We were up in Cardiff for several weeks and I had to shut my business down.

So, massive kick in the ass for me to be reminded what is important. You will be pleased to hear that he is now almost fully recovered which is nothing short of a miracle – literally.  So, we came back to Cornwall and I felt very blessed to be back in the County, picking up my business and walking on the beach again.

Then WHAM the Coronavirus, and I took it personally.

But then I realised how lucky I was.  I have a garden to potter in, I have a sea view, I have a healthy son and being forced to stay at home has given me time to get jobs done outside due to the good weather, and when it starts to rain again I shall be deep cleaning the house.

Mainly, I am having time to relax, meditate and read plus plan the growth of my business with the help of business Guru Charlotte Jay of Cherry Pigeon.  I am also working remotely, supporting clients and potential clients and keeping them up to date with Coronavirus in Cornwall and in the property market.

Zoopla have put out a very comprehensive report from the government on what you can and cannot do if you are trying to move house, as have some of the international  and national estate agents.  So, do Google to get the full reports.

In a nutshell, if you have exchanged contracts you can move as long as you follow government guidelines.  If you are sale agreed like one of my clients, you are advised to sit tight and no need to pull out.  There are suggestions of exchanging with extended completions, but who knows when this will end?  Estate agents are working remotely however they cannot go out and list a house, nor can they conduct viewings.  Banks are extending their mortgage offers for 3 months to help the housing market.

So, if you want to Live Beside the Sea, I’m afraid you will have to wait but don’t give up your dreams.  Use this time to create a vision board or journal, reflect on what it important in life to you, be at peace and make the most of being out of the rat race.  And do get in touch, we can still have a confidential conversation and get to know each other in readiness for normality returning.

Stay healthy and stay safe.