Terracotta trendWhat’s Your Style?

Interior design does not have to be wildly glamorous, ultra modern and expensive – it really is all about creating the look and feel for your lifestyle. You may love to stuff your house with antiques and interesting ‘finds’ that you have picked up over the years – each with a story to tell. If this is you, look for an old Victorian or Georgian House or perhaps a quirky little cottage with plump sofas, un matching crockery and a mixture of colours that compliment. If you love clean lines and the minimalistic look, then perhaps something brand new with lots of glass and open plan spaces would appeal. Houses like this need to be kept clean and tidy though, so great if you are a naturally tidy person. Old houses can get away with being ‘lived in’ with newspapers strewn over the coffee table, and shelves crammed with books. Modern houses look awful when they get untidy which sounds daft but it is true!

New England styleNew England meets Cornish Beach
This is a great look for a home in Cornwall, whether it be your forever home or a holiday investment. Creams, whites and pale greys work really well with painted wooden floors and a log burning stove. I love duck egg blue but do be careful with this look, as I made the mistake of buying everything ’seasidey’ from wonderful little shops selling painted boats and shabby chic signs saying things like “This way to the beach”. I really over did it, and suddenly my house looked like a beachside gift shop rather than the coastal home that I was trying to create. I had to have a massive declutter to achieve the look that I wanted and learnt the lesson that ‘less really is more’. It’s all about balance really, the whole room should look like it has evolved; pieces that have been collected rather than being all bought at the same time.

Bringing the Outside In

Living in Cornwall brings its own design ideas from the wonderful natural colours that surround us, to the fabulous light beloved by artists of all kinds, and the spectacular storms and ever-changing seas. Think about your outside space, does it flow from the house to the garden? Bringing the outside in really helps with light and a feeling of space. We all love to sit outside in the summer, alfresco dining with friends, a glass of Pimms in hand – but being in Cornwall often means a summer shower, so if you can go indoors but still look out to the garden then you don’t have to let the weather dictate your social time! Glass bi-folding doors are perfect for this scenario.

Terracotta trend 2017Design Trends

We’ve seen some big trends over the past couple of years, in particular subway tiles and copper accessories. In 2017, it’s predicted that there will be a return to materials and colours that offer warmth and light. Forest green and terracotta, reflective materials like gold and brass give a room increased light and warmth. The use of gold mirrors and coloured glass – in accessories and furniture, and even brass and gold wall coverings. So as a change from silvers and chrome, use brass and gold to add warmth and reflect light in your room.

There is an increased popularity for darker woods in all areas of the home for doors, furniture, kitchens and bathrooms. Think walnut, mahogany, cherry, wenge or mango all of which will complement brass and gold. And cork is back in demand for accessories and homeware. It’s much more innovative in its use than in the 70s and has the advantage of being warm to the touch and an eco product.

When we search for your property, we’ll not only find you the perfect location in Cornwall, but we’ll get to know you and make sure we find you somewhere that suits you and your style – so you really can turn it into your dream home.

Get in touch for an informal chat if you’re thinking about a move to Cornwall, I’d love to hear from you.

Love, Jayne. x