It’s that time of year again when the stress and excitement of Christmas is over, new years resolutions are fading to the back of your mind – and it is bitterly cold. Because of our warmer climate down in Cornwall, my lawns still need mowing but the ground is soggy underfoot, so I feel reluctant to get the mower out, and my flower beds look straggly and lack colour. January is also a long month, post-Christmas credit card bills arrive unwanted in the post and all the presents that you bought are now in the January sales! No wonder we all feel a bit despondent at this time of year!

Well, dust yourselves off and plan your dream of buying a house down here. You really don’t have to wait for the spring as January is a time for new beginnings and there are lots of new interesting properties coming to the market. People tend to think about either moving, extending or decorating as they have had a few days of leisure time to take stock – in fact statistics show that property portals like Rightmove have been at their busiest in the period between Christmas and New Year.

If you are considering relocating – perhaps because you have gone back to work where you may have a long commute and a stressful job and you are not spending enough quality time with the family – now might be the time to put your dreams into action. It’s one thing thinking about a new lifestyle, but quite another actually doing something about it. There is no easy way – sometimes you just have to stop worrying about the ‘what if’s’ and just take the plunge. It is possible to live the dream, I have helped many people do just that and they don’t look back with regret. Some have even managed to make the move to Cornwall without letting go of their well-paid job in London. The train links are great with a sleeper train into Paddington making it really do-able.

Here are some top tips to get you going with your move to Cornwall:-

  • Have your house valued.
  • Do a brief search on Rightmove to establish a budget you are comfortable with, allowing for all the fees involved with moving and don’t forget to factor in stamp duty.
  • Ensure you are left with some money in the bank as a cushion.
  • If you need to work, look at commuting options, search job sites or consider running your own business. Home offices are essential on today’s discerning purchasers wish list – Cornwall is full of entrepreneurs and good rail and road links make it easier for trips back to the city if you need to keep your hand in.
  • Make contact with search agents even though you are not ready to use their services – they will keep you motivated and on track plus keep you up to date on market trends.
  • Keep an inspirational journal to keep yourself motivated and on track. Keep in mind why you’re doing this!

Or – have you been coming to Cornwall on holiday for years and yearn for your very own little holiday cottage? Here are your top tips:-

  • Make the decision.
  • Consider timing so that you own your holiday home and it is ready for letting for the next busy period. After Brexit, holidays in Cornwall will boom this Summer, so act now to take advantage of that!
  • Budget – how are you funding the purchase? Cash in the bank is king and earns you little interest staying where it is.
  • Would you like an income or is this purely for you and your family to use?
  • Will you be dog friendly? (Longer letting season if you are)
  • Location location location – what do you look for in a holiday home? Your potential guests will be thinking along the same lines. Coast v Country?
  • Should you use a holiday letting company or go it alone?

So much to think about and all quite scary but exciting at the same time! I can help you through all these details with my experience and local knowledge, and will find you your own piece of paradise here in Cornwall.

Feel free to get in touch for a casual chat about your future plans. I’m even offering a reduction in my fees if you get in touch in January – so don’t miss out!

Much love, Jayne. x