Live Beside The Sea Testimonials

After deciding to move back to the UK following many years out of the country, we were daunted by the UK house buying process and competition for good houses in Cornwall. Jayne was friendly, upbeat and knowledgeable and made us feel at ease about the road ahead. We were abroad for several weeks when first working with Jayne, and it was reassuring to know she was on the ground locally acting on our behalf.

By engaging Jayne, we spent less of our time endlessly searching online and viewing unsuitable houses. Jayne kept her eye on the market, viewed potential properties and showed us only those she felt would be of interest. Throughout the process, Jayne kept us informed and communicated frequently, sending us updates, reports and even videos of prospective houses.

Jayne is well accustomed to the journey clients go through when searching for a property. As we became more familiar with the area and realize what was most important to us, our priorities changed and Jayne readily adapted her searches to fit the new criteria. She came to know us very well and figured out what we were looking for even before we did!

Jayne has a phenomenal read of the Cornish housing market. She has had a successful real estate business for many years; her experience and knowledge of the area are priceless. Jayne’s connections helped us access properties before they went on the market; this resulted in us being able to view houses before other potential buyers.

Acting on Jayne’s advice, we prioritized the viewing of one particular property and immediately fell in love with the house. Jayne advised us on our offer and we were delighted that it was accepted straight away. Without Jayne, we certainly wouldn’t have the home of our dreams!

Thank you Jayne – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Mr & Mrs RJB

Engaging a property search agent can be a big blessing for buyers. You’ve not only got someone in your corner out hunting for and vetting properties for you, but you also have someone on your side who will make the case for you as a buyer, someone who will help with price negotiations as needed, and someone that can be a useful sounding board when you need someone to talk things through with. In addition, Jayne has a host of local contacts, and thus can recommend solicitors, movers, architects, designers and cleaners. So if you are thinking about hiring Jayne, just do it.

Jayne got me in to see 2 fabulous properties before they were officially on the market. That’s quite a windfall in the house hunting process! The first met all of my must-have list and all but one of my would-be-nice-if list, and was under budget. Sadly it just didn’t feel right for me. The second met most of my must-haves and was a lovely space, one that really spoke to me. Jayne could tell right away that this was the one for me, just by the look on my face. Sadly, it fell through as the seller pulled out half way through the process. Undeterred, Jayne continued to look for properties for me, and it wasn’t long before she found one that was on the market, but that was so far under my budget, it hadn’t shown up in my online searches! So I wouldn’t have even looked at the house I am buying if Jayne hadn’t found it.

Having been looking for our next house for the last 3 years, covering 2 counties and hundreds of miles, we were in dire need of someone with an unbiased and fresh perspective. Jayne turned out to be a breath of fresh air, and coincidentally originally came from our neck of the woods, up in the Midlands.

We talked through everything we wanted and what we didn’t, went through all the houses we had discounted and our reasons why. However, Jayne with her more realistic view managed to encourage us to widen our horizons and look at things we had dismissed. Fortunately for us Jayne trekked into the hinterland and beyond looking for our ‘dream’ home, including having to view places that were far from their advertisements. This was a blessing as we lived so far up country. Her viewing reports were incredibly informative and painted vivid pictures, and on occasions created a fair few laughs.

Jayne really comes into her own when you are down to the nitty-gritty. While we wondered round properties, she was busy getting all the insider information she possibly could, and building a rapport with vendors and agents alike. This put us in a great position once we had found ‘the one’. Thankfully Jayne can sell you as the buyer, meaning you tend to get your foot through the door long before anyone else. It is down to this ‘early doors tactic’, that after 3 long, long years, we finally found a house we all like. The bonus being we don’t even feel like any of us have had to compromise, which is as much a shock to us as I’m sure it is to Jayne!

When we both started to discuss the idea of moving to Cornwall from Tooting, we thought we’d be able to do the property searches ourselves and hoke off at weekends and check things out for ourselves. Yeah, right! Well, we soon realised that that wasn’t going to work, not least as, working full-time, we were both already shattered even before we’d done some “Zoopla-ing” or “Right Move- ing”, never mind making the trip, and so many estate agents never got back to us, or seemed to take us that seriously.

We talked to friends, read blogs and the idea of using a property search agent started to form: we investigated. I remember talking to 3 agents, one of whom was Jayne. The other 2 were national outfits, all very professional and informative, however, it seemed to make sense to use someone who lived and worked in Cornwall and who would be able to give us the ins and outs of moving to this beautiful county. Talking to Jayne for the first time, I got a distinct feeling that she would be able to help us, as she seemed to lock into what we thought we were looking for and, crucially, put us at ease. Her chatty and personable manner resonated, and her professionalism and grasp of our detail was impressive.

We had a few hiccups along the way – the messy outcome of the General Election certainly threw several spanners into the works – but things have worked out well for us. We are now in our lovely new home in Penzance – not where we’d originally thought of moving to – and we are slowly but surely finding our feet and settling into a new way of life. Jayne has been instrumental in helping to bring this result about for us – talking to estate agents, checking out the local environment, chatting to potential sellers and getting a feel for things generally. She has acted as an empathetic go-between for us and sellers and provided useful information along the way: some of her property reports have been hilarious – helpful, accurate but very humorous! I think it’s far to say that we probably wouldn’t have ended up buying this house had it not been for Jayne’s involvement. Thank you, Jayne: we’ll put the prosecco on ice for when the warm weather hits!

I didn’t actually know there was such a thing as a property search agent until some research about moving to Cornwall brought me to Jayne’s website. Initially I assumed it wasn’t something I needed or could justify financially, but as I explored further I realised that actually this could be the solution I was looking for.

I was already renting in Cornwall but after months of searching had not found anything that matched my extremely specific and long list of criteria within the budget, and was trying to sell my flat back in Brighton and run a business at the same time. Someone who had connections and a comprehensive knowledge of the area, access to properties not yet on the market, who would do the time consuming leg work of viewings before compiling a shortlist that fit my criteria, and who had years of experience in all aspects of moving including negotiating {not my strong suit}, sounded perfect.

Jayne turned out to be like my fairy godmother! Not only did she help me find and secure a property that ticked almost every box on my list {and it turned out the other things weren’t that important after all}, she also brought a hilarious sense of humour and an ability to be very nurturing to what can often be a stressful process. I felt like someone was on my team the whole time, which made everything easier and more enjoyable all round. Every property report was concise pointing out any negatives as well as the positives, and they were written in such style, almost like a story so it made them easy to read. Jayne has also been excellent at keeping me in the loop so I knew what was going on at all times, as well as finding builders, architects, and designers to help with next steps. I rather wish she could take charge of the upcoming renovations on the new house! It’s been such a pleasure to work with Jayne; she really is worth her weight in gold. I could not recommend her more highly.

I found Jayne at Live Beside The Sea one of my key players in achieving what only some people dream of, but I did ( with her help, of course).

I was suddenly widowed with two young girls and I needed to make a change for many reason in our lives. After researching I came across Jayne. I spoke with Jayne with a brief as to what my family were looking for and and what were our needs. Living some 350 miles away I was unable to pop to Cornwall and start doing all the investigations myself. I needed someone with their ear to the ground and would understand our hit list of requirements if possible. Jayne did what she said on the tin. She viewed property after we discussed over the phone and agreed which ones for her to view, she reported back very thoroughly. I then came down and viewed two houses and offered on the second, and 3 months later I had keys to a new life.

Jayne helped from the start of this journey, and along the way where I could not be around. Jayne was the professional contact with local Knowledge and understanding of my families needs. Jayne and her service which she provided us, yes was an extra cost in the moving budget but, I have absolutely no doubt it was a very important part of the plan to ensure we achieved what we set out to do. For my family I did not have the time or money to make an error and her compassion and performance was worth everything for us to get it right first time. With out any question Jayne was a key player and not only did we find a new life but our first Cornish friend to welcome us.

When we decided to move to Cornwall we wanted to use a property search agent because, living about 250 miles away, we couldn’t afford to spend a lot of time viewing properties that looked good online but turned out to be completely unsuitable.

We chose Live Beside The Sea because they were offering local market knowledge and the expertise we wanted as well as skills and experience of property development and interior design to help us realise the potential in the houses we would be seeing.

Jayne’s vast experience in the property market in Cornwall made her an obvious choice to co-ordinate the accommodation for the Finn Nationals and Finn Gold Cup in May 2012, two events that attracted entries and the media from all over the world.

Moving from Berkshire to Cornwall was a daunting prospect due to the distances involved. Jayne helped us by finding and viewing properties matching our criteria thereby helping us create a shortlist.

As we were retiring she made sure that we were moving to somewhere with a real community and not just a holiday area. It was very difficult for Jayne as we already lived in a lovely house but she persevered and found a suitable property.

We moved down to Cornwall over 2 years ago having sold up out of county with the plan of retiring here. We moved into rented and had substantial cash in the bank and thought it would be easy to find our dream home. Two years later having viewed 46 houses we were no further forward, so friends suggested we call in professional help and they recommended Jayne.

Jayne spent 2 hours with us going through all the properties we had considered and why we had dismissed them and she was a breath of fresh air! We knew we were in safe hands and it felt like a big black cloud had been lifted.

Jayne spent 4 weeks looking at houses on our behalf and within 5 weeks we had viewed only 4 houses and had an offer accepted on something we wouldn’t have even considered by ourselves.

We moved in a few weeks ago and can now relax and enjoy our retirement!

We can honestly say that if we had not found Jayne, we would not have found our perfect home so quickly and it would have been unlikely that we would have discovered such a perfect location!

Local knowledge is paramount when you are buying in a county that you don’t know that well, and Jayne managed to dissuade us from areas that in retrospect would have been totally unsuitable for our needs. We are actually purchasing a property that wasn’t even on the market – without her we would have never known of it’s existence!

We realized what we really needed was someone we could trust to look round all the possible properties for us and tell us what the perfect shortlist was so we could blitz it in one visit.

An internet search took us to Jayne and her company Live Beside the Sea and after talking to Jayne over the phone, we decided to take the plunge and get them to search for us.

I first met Jayne when she had her own Estate Agency business in Falmouth in the nineties. My parents had instructed her to sell their home and help them find a new and final property in Cornwall.

I was very impressed by Jayne’s professionalism, honesty and passion to provide an excellent bespoke service.

I was a young teenager at the time, and she was my role model from that day on!

Jayne was terrific! We were moving back to the UK from America after 40 years and had chosen Cornwall. We had always wanted to “live beside the sea” and had a very demanding wish list. Jayne was extremely patient and tactful in gently steering us towards a more realistic assessment of budget v options. After a couple of months Jayne came up with a house outside our search area but which sang to us! Jayne negotiated successfully for us and we are now packing to move.

We’d never heard the term “search agent” before, but Live Beside The Sea had all the local knowledge and commitment to us as purchasers we could have hoped for. Jayne was always responsive, friendly and supportive.

Jayne was patient in understanding our giant search criteria and wish list for a property that we both loved as well as finding us something that would bring us a good income.

Jayne led us to view a property we would not have otherwise considered as it was over our budget. But her knowledge of this property’s history and her contacts within the industry meant she was able to secure our offer at well under the advertised ‘offers over’ price and on our budget. We are so looking forward to spending our time living right beside the sea!

Can’t recommend Jayne highly enough, everybody that’s thinking of moving house or business needs her!