Apologies for lack of recent blogs, but surprisingly I have been busier that ever since Covid-19 changed our lives forever. People have had time to reflect and work out what is important to them, with many realising that actually they can work from home.  So, although I have not been able to get out to view and film houses for my clients, it has given me time to fully research the market and sort the wheat from the chaff, and now have several properties short listed to view.  I am also on many estate agents lists ready for when they can do viewings. And because I have films of previous properties I have been able to share these with new clients, which has resulted in requests for viewing they are allowed down.

Today’s news is good for the property market …..


Estate agents are now doing viewings and listing properties, some still from home, but many offices will be open certainly from Monday.  Myself and the agents will be following government guidelines when showing houses – masks and gloves for us and buyers, social distancing and one person or a couple at a time.  We are not to touch anything in the house, therefore young children are unlikely to be allowed in and we will have antiseptic wipes for door handles etc.

Surveyors and the like are now allowed back to work, so chains that have come to a standstill can now proceed.  Interestingly enough, no one in a chain that I have going is asking for a price reduction.  Everyone involved is just keen to get moving, so they can get on with their lives.

We all feel there is going to be a bit of a mini boom down in Cornwall and similar counties, as people want a better life.  The country has seen  dreadful loss of lives, and the tireless work of our NHS and workers keeping us going with food and other essential items and services has been amazing.  We are a long long way off getting back to normal and who knows what our new ‘normal’ will look like?

I know people lucky enough to live in Cornwall already are worried about a massive influx of tourists and house buyers, as we only have one main hospital.  There are some pretty vitriol comments on social media, but please remember we are a tourist destination and our economy relies on it.  Even if you are not directly involved in tourism, most of us are is some way or other.  Trades people keeping holiday cottages up to spec, gardeners, peoples teenage kids working in the pubs and shops whilst at college or university.  How would we feel if a member of our family moved to another location for work or whatever and got treated in this way?

So, stay healthy, stay safe and please be kind.