Before we can look ahead to a new year with hope in our hearts, we need to reflect back on the past year and contemplate what went well and why, and what went horribly wrong so we don’t repeat bad patterns. I managed to find my old New Years resolutions from the end of 2017 and was horrified to realise that I had not achieved any of my personal goals.  This was to loose a stone, drop a dress size and feel full of energy, happiness and joy.  Pretty much what I had written down for this year as well …… so ……. what went wrong?  After the initial smug feeling after the first booze and sugar free week, life got in the way.  Social engagements, a bad day or a good day at work and therefore I deserve a treat attitude.  Then I wake up in the morning feeling lethargic and full of brain fog.  So – not a treat is it?

Clearly I need to change my mindset. To treat my mind body and soul I need to feed my body with clean healthy food, drink lots of water, my mind needs nurturing with positive happy thoughts and my soul needs to be more spiritual by connecting with a higher power.

Business wise I had a fantastic year!  I worked with some fabulous clients and found them beautiful homes in stunning locations and financially I had the best year since launching Live Beside the Sea about 5 years ago. However, I KNOW I can have an even better year if I sort my health out as I will have more energy and therefore achieve more which will result in more happy clients and a happier Jayne!  The slim me needs to emerge by March as I am being interviewed by David Brock of Cornish Partnerships at the Sky Cornwall Channel studios in St. Austell with the lovely Shane Solomon who owns the Cornwall Channel.  Having worked in property filming in the past, and always fancied myself as being the “Kirsty of Cornwall’ I am very excited by this opportunity and who knows where it will lead?

SO – dry and sugar free month for me with Zumba and meditation classes (not at the same time I hasten to add) written in my diary and my vision book underway.  My business intention is to learn how to film my property reports for my clients, discipline myself to do a regular weekly blog and learn how to make the most out of social media.  As I only learnt to copy and paste about 5 years ago (which incidentally changed my life!) this will prove to be quite the challenge.

So – I would love to hear from you all about how 2018 went for you and what intentions you intend to set for 2019.  If it includes relocating to Cornwall or investing in your own little des res for investment and holidays, then lets start a conversation.  07882037836 livebesidethesea@gmail,com