Spring is my favourite time of year …….. the daffodils are out which gives me hope, and on occasions the sun is shining.  Live Beside the Sea’s office looks out to sea, and I can see that boats are back on the water having had their barnacles scraped off their hulls in winter layup.  Spring gives us all hope for a glorious summer to come, and don’t we all need something to look forward too?

We start to look at our neglected gardens, and think about a spring clean in the house as the sun shining though the windows shows up all the dirt and shoddy paintwork.

My lovely friend Gilly Poultney is a landscape gardener and hales from Solihull like me.  I invited her around to assess my garden, thinking she’d say there was nothing needs changing…… not so.  She opened my eyes to all sorts of ideas which hadn’t crossed my mind and actually said the magic words “Do you actually enjoy growing vegetables?”.  No was the answer, as growing veg is very hit and miss and I’d rather go to Waitrose!  She had highlighted to me that where the greenhouse and raised veg beds were was an absolute sun trap, and as an avid sun worshipper I was so grateful for this revelation.

“Do you really want your lawn?” was another question.  No was the answer again. Anyway, Gilly is drawing me up some creative garden landscaping plans and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for me.  She has spent a good 2 days in the garden taking measurements and even using a spirit level – I had no idea that all this work was involved, so I am very impressed.  It is well worth spending money at the planning stage, to save wasting money with expensive mistakes later down the line.

When it comes to hiring a landscape gardener, really spend time in your garden and think what you want out of the space.  It is well worth giving this some serious thought and then ask Gilly round for a cuppa!  Just google www.gloriousgardens.uk

So, watch this pace as I shall be doing a blog and newsletter about our progress over the next few months.

Love Jayne