If you are wondering why there are a distinct lack of posts over the past few months, it is because I have been so busy working with clients.

Have they driven me to Prosecco, (or Camel Valley) or were we celebrating?  A good question which I will attempt to answer as honestly as I can without causing offence.  Firstly, I am always very grateful when a fresh potential client contacts me and we both nervously have (usually) an email chat and a few phone calls before we can decide if we can work together.  Of course an initial enquiry is always worthy of celebration so out comes the Prosecco (always a bottle chilling in the fridge for such occasions – although I would recommend an hour or two in the freezer first along with frosted glasses from said freezer).

Hey presto – we bond and a contract is signed …….. thank God another reason to have a glass of Prosecco (or on these occasions I often push the boat out and treat myself to a bottle of chilled  Cornish Camel Valley Champagne).  Here the hard work begins.  Unfortunately the property portals only allow for location, number of bedrooms and price so the initial trawl is overwhelming and emotionally exhausting.  The nitty gritty can only be found out from the agent and from viewings, so after a long day on my laptop and waiting for the listing negotiator to call me back, I am desperate for a Prosecco or two (glasses that is – not bottles).

Next, I am spending days driving round the county often having to stop for refreshments – you guessed it, obviously only one as driving and I can often be found in some fabulous seafront watering hole with said glass writing up my viewing reports.

I’ve missed the bit about meeting clients ….. I usually arrange to meet for lunch so I can really get to know my clients and I am so relieved when I find out that they enjoy a glass of wine with luncheon.  I did have delightful clients from America who flew over for a 3 day viewing trip who didn’t drink at all ….. I stayed at the hotel with them as they had travelled so far ….. had a bottle of ice cold Camel Valley waiting for them in the sunshine outside the hotel …… they were horrified!

Then there are the days when I come back having driven all over Cornwall and need to write up 4 viewing reports ….. God invented Prosecco for this very reason.

The perfect property is found, negotiating begins …. nerves are frazzled …. you guest it ….. then a sale is agreed (need I say more) and then completion which definitely involves Camel Valley for me and my clients along with a picnic hamper (for them not me).

Trouble is, I have had said Prosecco and instead of relaxing and re-charging batteries for tomorrows onslaught I feel the urge to do a blog!  Hoorah!