March is my favourite time of year; not only is it my birthday and Mothers Day but the spring brings hope.  Hope for a good summer to come, spring cleaning the house, maybe-evaluating your life with thoughts of downsizing and enjoying your twilight years. What with war in Ukraine that could escalate into world war 3, and the heartbreaking footage on TV I’m sure I’m not he only one thinking enjoy each day as if it is your last.

My birthday found me at the St. Michael’s Hotel and Spa with some of my very close girlfriends whom I have known for years.  The hotel overlooks Gyllingvase  Beach, Falmouth and the weather was glorious, lunch was delicious and there was much drinking of Prosecco to celebrate a rather scary birthday!

I woke this morning to a glorious sunrise overlooking Swanpool Beach, so went for an early walk before a days house hunting for my clients.  The Cornish property market continues to see demand far outstripping supply with prices going over asking, and buyers finding themselves in bidding wars.  Not nice, but it is what it is but the secret to coping is don’t see the asking price as the value, it is just being marketed at that price to get more interest.  I sometime manage to secure a purchase for my clients so that the house is launched sale agreed, as many houses are not even reaching Rightmove or Zoopla.

So, put a spring in your step and get in touch if you fancy moving to Cornwall!