Are you an early bird and like to meditate as the sun rises in the east, or maybe like to sit quietly alone in the early morning with a cup of tea in the peace and quiet before the family wakes up?  

Or would you prefer to watch the sun setting over the sea, sipping a cocktail on your decking and watch the sun slowly slipping down over the horizon?  

Getting to know youlive beside the sea property search agents

Your choice could really help you decide on which location to live in Cornwall, so generally if you want to watch the sun come up, move to the north coast and if the sun going down flats your boat head for the south coast.  This is a very general observation and it depends on what surrounds you in the way of buildings and trees.  I live on the south coast facing east and am lucky enough to have a sea view so love getting up early with a morning coffee while all is quiet in the house.  With these dark evenings I don’t have to get up to early for this pleasure, how ever I do struggle in the summer months as the days are longer.

I do yearn for a sunset and the expanse of beaches that the north coast has to offer, the beaches are expansive, the waves spectacular and the sand finer.  I have friends over on the north coast who gather on the beaches, wrapped in blankets to sit and watch the sun go down.  Just like Shirley Heights in Antigua. Do bare in mind that if you are close to sea on the north coast your house can take a battering from the storms though. Personally I would find it exciting to be hold up with the shutters drawn and the waves crashing at your window.  Not sure my insurance company would agree!

Anyway, if you would like me to be your property search agent, then we can have lots of conversations to work out where you and your family need to be, to get the best out of your new life in Cornwall.  I can arrange for you to have a Poldark Tour at an especially good rate or if Poldark doesn’t set your heart on fire and your heart a tremble then the owner of the tour company can offer you a bespoke tour to help you familiarise yourself with Cornwall.  I can create a package to suit you that fits in with your viewing trips looking for that perfect property down in Cornwall.

So – new year – new you – new house ……… what are you waiting for?  Please get in touch and lets start a conversation!